Qui sommes-nous?

It was in 2002 that the company "Artphot" was born,

"Artphot" is present in the photographic world and other media: cinema, web, editions, ....

ARTPHOT and associates, passionate among other things about photography, former member of the "Belgian Chamber of experts in works of art" and of the "Royal Chamber of antique dealers of Belgium" for photography, wanted by creating this site to create a work full fledged from the hand of various personalities from professional circles.

www.e-antic.com, is a more recent project. It was undertaken at the end of 2018, was propped up over the months, to arrive at its release in January 2020.

E-antic.com, both in terms of design and content, is an internal creation and realization, exclusive to the company Artphot, which aims to offer lower cost but high performance, the possibility of working in comfortable conditions , efficient and optimal (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and from all over the world.

A sales tool that never sleeps. It is always daylight somewhere and customers around the world remain accessible.

E-antic will quickly offer you other options to further improve your store which I remind you is completely independent and confidential between the seller and the buyer.

E-antic offers you as services, in addition to the use of this great tool, the deposit of your goods if you do not want to manage it yourself.
For this, a document certifying your deposit with the conditions between you and e-antic.com must be stipulated, commission, photographs of the objects in stud, storage, shipments, miscellaneous costs, etc.

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You can contact us by email at: infos@e-antic.com

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